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Yeelight Music is now unsupported and won't get updates since its main functionality, capturing internal audio from the device, has been merged into the official Yeelight app. Thanks to the Yeelight team for allowing me to collaborate.

It's still work in progress. Marius Thanks for your suggestions, I have some of them planned and I'm working on some others. Huge thanks to the Yeelight team for providing the necessary hardware, implementing groups would have taken much longer and would have been much harder to debug without their help. I've also created a Telegram group for bug reporting, feature requests, suggestions and beta testing. English only. I might as well create a Telegram channel for changelogs so development and releases would be easier to follow.

Version 3.

yeelight forum

It's currently in beta. Check out my new app, an improved music mode for android that captures internal audio instead of recording from the microphone.

Thanks for your patience! Toggle navigation. Registered in Music mode for Yeelight at Sorry guys, this app is unsupported as I previously said.By xKingJanuary 21, in Polyglot.

Bulbs supposed to auto-discover, but if you keep them on a separate "IOT" LAN - you can add a "devlist" configuration parameter and put a list in there, for example:. I have found them to be a cost effective alternative to Hue and Lifx.

And no Hub! The only question for me is their longevity. Time will tell. I have recently replaced three bulbs that are in hard to reach places in the front of my house. We will see how they hold up to a North East winter. For the rest of the year they are just white. May change colors for other holidays now, we'll see. So far everything is working as I need it to. If you need me to test any changes, I would be willing to help.

I also have a Yeelight Desklamp that isn't on the Yeelight website or product list anymore. Even though it says Xiaomi, I'm pretty sure that it's a Yeelight, when I purchased it it was from Yeelight via Amazon.

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So the question is can you support this? I understand it might be more trouble than it;s worth, but thought I would at least try with it in mind that the Yeelight API might be flexible enough require only minimal development. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Polyglot Search In. Yeelight By xKingJanuary 21, in Polyglot node server yeelight polyglot. Reply to this topic Ignore this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts.

Report post. Posted January 21, edited. Anyone wants support for these? Good luck! Edited January 21, by xKing. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted February 3, edited.Simplify setup process for xiaomi devices to SmartThings. Donation If this project helps you, you can give me a cup of coffee. Screenshots total. Oh, so I should be able to install the Docker image on anything then?

No requirement for an ARM processor? So I tried running your Docker container on Windows, but it just reboots over and over. I assume an ARM processor is required.

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Would it be possible to setup your repo so that it can be directly integrated with the SmartThings IDE? Just Mi Connector let you know what you have. Even if you add device manually, you type only address and token in the form. Community Created SmartApps. You can control Xiaomi devices at SmartThings.

Lastest version. Xiaomi Air Purifier zhimi. MiHome Connect to ST. Help with Xiaomi Aqara door sensor disconnects.

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Yeelight integration. Having trouble pairing these two Xiaomi devices. Xiaomi Gateway intergration using LAN mode. Do I need a gateway?

Virtual Switch, Alexa and Ifttt. Great work here, thanks for sharing! Does access to the Xiaomi Gateway require local network function enabled in Developer Mode? Whoa, nice!!!

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According to miio library document, Note To fully support the gateway this library will automatically enable the Local Developer API of the gateway. If it is already enabled the existing key is used but if not a new key is generated and set for the API. I enabled Developer mode in Mi Home app myself. Docker image is ubuntu. Thanks for this work! I made a new folder devicetypes. I have no idea well… Basically aq2 means aqara version. GamSa Hap NiDa. Can you add a smartapps folder as well please?

Thanks, fison Thanks in advance! Defualt port is You can change port in config. Try to enable developer mode. Enable developer mode.The user shall carefully read and fully understand the terms of this Agreement, in particular those relating to the exemption or limitation of Yeelight's liability, dispute resolution and applicable laws. Your attention is drawn to the terms relating to the exemption or limitation of liability, which have been marked in bold. By downloading, installing and using the software, as well as obtaining and logging in your account, you agree to accept this Agreement and to be fully bound by its terms.

Yeelight reserves the right to amend this Agreement. Updated terms of this Agreement will be published on the official website or software, and become effective from the date of publication. The user can re-download and install the software or view the latest version of the terms of this Agreement on the website. After Yeelight has amended the terms of this Agreement, if you do not accept the amended terms, please immediately discontinue using of the "Yeelight" software and services provided by Yeelight; the user's continued use of the "Yeelight" software and services provided by Yeelight will be deemed acceptance of the amended terms of this Agreement.

This Agreement is the agreement concluded by and between you hereinafter referred to as the "User" and Yeelight and its operation partner hereinafter referred to as the "Partner" concerning the User's downloading, installation and use of the "Yeelight" software hereinafter referred to as the "Software" of Yeelight and use of relevant services of Yeelight. The Software and services are provided by Yeelight for installation on including but not limited to mobile smart terminal devices, to provide Yeelight Smart Lighting Control service for the User who uses the said smart terminal.

The ownership and right-to-operate of the Software and services shall be vested in Yeelight. Yeelight grants the User a personal, non-transferable and non-exclusive license to use the Software without the right to sublicense.

The User can install, use, display and run the Software on a single mobile terminal device for non-commercial purposes. However, the User shall not install, use or run the Software for commercial operation purposes. If you need to sell, copy or distribute the Software commercially, e. Without the permission of Yeelight, the User shall not install the Software on other terminal devices that are not expressly permitted by Yeelight, including but not limited to set-top boxes, game consoles, televisions, DVD players and so on.

The User may make a copy of the Software for the purpose of using the Software and services, but it shall be used only as a backup. The backup copy must contain all the copyright information contained in the original software. Except as expressly authorized by this Agreement, Yeelight does not grant other rights to the User.

Smart-Lights (Controls for OS X Menu Bar)

If the User intends to use any other right, the written consent from Yeelight shall be obtained in advance. The User shall download and install the Software from the website or in the manner designated by Yeelight. Be aware not to download the Software on unspecified websites, so as to prevent mobile devices from infecting malicious programs that can destroy user data and acquire user privacy information. If you acquire the Software or the installation program with the same name as the Software from a third party that has not been authorized by Yeelight, Yeelight cannot guarantee it will be used normally and Yeelight accepts no liability for any loss thereby caused to you.

The User must select the Software version that matches the terminal device installed. Otherwise, any software problems, device problems or damages resulting from mismatch between the Software version and the device model shall be solely assumed by the User.

Yeelight Toolbox

In order to improve User experience and optimize service content, Yeelight reserves the right to provide replaced, modified and upgraded version of the Software, and also reserves the right to charge for such replacement, modification or upgrading, but will obtain your consent in advance for such charges.

The Software will enable "upgrade prompt" feature by default for the User. Depending on the Software version used by the User, Yeelight provides the User with the discretion to or not to enable the said feature. After the new version of the Software is released, Yeelight does not guarantee that older versions of the Software will continue to be usable.

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Delete any copyright information on the Software and other copies, or modify, delete or circumvent the technical measures set by the Software for the protection of intellectual property rights. Perform reverse engineering of the Software, such as disassembly, decompilation or other attempts to obtain the source code of the Software. Add, remove or change the features or running effects of the Software by modifying or forging the instructions and data during the running of the Software, or otherwise operate or disseminate to the public the software or methods used for the purposes described above, whether or not for commercial purposes.

The User logs in or uses the Software and services through third party compatible software or systems not developed, authorized or approved by Yeelight, or makes, publishes or disseminates the above tools. Without the written consent of Yeelight, the User does anything on the Software or the information contained therein, including but not limited to using, leasing, lending, copying, modifying, setting up a link, reproducing, compiling, releasing, publishing, establishing a mirror image website, or unauthorized use of the Software to develop related derivative products, works, services, plug-ins, compatibility or interconnection.

Use the Software to publish, transmit, disseminate or store any content that violates national laws, endangers national security, reunification of the motherland, social stability or public order, or any improper, insulting, obscene or violent content, or any content in violation of national laws and regulations. Use the Software to publish, transmit, disseminate or store any content that infringes the legitimate rights such as intellectual property rights and trade secrets of others.

Use the Software to publish, transmit or disseminate advertising information or spam in bulk.JeeLight is the most advanced, feature-rich app for controlling Yeelight devices from PC.

It currently supports up to 8 simultaneous Yeelightswhich can be controlled together or individually. JeeLights core features include Ambilight "Ambilight creates light effects that correspond to the screen content. This allows you, for example, to set your left light to the left side of your screen, right light to the right side, a strip underneath your monitor to the bottom of your screen, etc.

Watch demo video here! In the Effectcreator you can built your own awsome effects. Easy as Just Drag your effects from the list and drop it onto the desired lights.

You can customize your own scenesand send them to your lights — even apply them to individual, to have multiple scenes running together. You can upload and share your effects with other Jeelight users, and download presets from other users as well. Jeelights Onlinebrowser includes most of the basic Effects from the official Yeelight app.

Of course you can edit all Effects as well. There will be more and more Features in the future, for example a Circadian Lighting like f.

There will be also an Mobile App for controlling JeeLight and for standalone functions! Toggle navigation. Name JeeLight 2. Version 2. Ambilight mode also includes: CPU multithreading for the best possible performance when using multiple lights together each light will receive its own CPU thread, preventing CPU overload when Ambilight monitors your screen for colors.

Flash Detection which adds immersion to action movie scenes with a lot of gunfire and explosions for example. However, blue is the closest color to black — especially at lowest brightness.

Thus, dark scenes in horror movies will feel especially scary with the ambient blue lighting. Detect average or predominant colors — results vary depending on screen content. Zone testing launches a video to quickly test and configure your JeeLight zones For owner of the latest YeeLight beta firmware you can also use new commands, this will give you a much smoother colorfading.

This was created in cooperation with the Yeelight developers.

yeelight forum

Thanks a lot for that! Open source github address No 7.Plugins to create custom apps, and web interface to manage Xiaomi MiHome gateway, sensors and smart devices. Open-source server and dashboard to control IoT devices in a local home network. Simple bash utility to discover and control Yeelight Wifi Smart bulb. To put this in on some condition. Add a description, image, and links to the yeelight topic page so that developers can more easily learn about it.

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yeelight forum

To associate your repository with the yeelight topic, visit your repo's landing page and select "manage topics. Learn more.

Skip to content. Here are public repositories matching this topic Language: All Filter by language. Sort options. Star 1. Code Issues Pull requests. Open Migration Guide. Open Missing documentation to extract tokens. Star Updated Dec 24, Python. Updated Feb 7, JavaScript. C API. Net to control Xiaomi Yeelight devices. Updated Apr 16, C. Updated Mar 31, Shell.

[PATCHED] Issues with Yeelight Scenes + Google Home Routines Integration.

Python library for Yeelight bedside lamp. Updated Apr 4, Python. Updated Sep 13, Java. Updated Mar 22, JavaScript. Updated Nov 12, JavaScript. Updated Apr 12, Swift. Updated Jan 16, Updated Mar 25, Python. Updated Apr 17, TypeScript. Updated Nov 14, TypeScript. Updated Aug 17, Updated Apr 10, JavaScript. Control your Yeelight devices with Node. Updated Dec 7, JavaScript.With this tool you can set up a light scene with Yeelight smart lamps corresponding to your f.

Supports any number of lamps simultaneously. Keep in mind that your f. On default, f. If you're very sensitive even K might not be dim enough for you to achieve full melatonin secretion.

Toggle navigation. Fluxee - f. Name Fluxee 2. Version v0. Function Brief F. Screenshots: [1][2] Find out your lamp's IP addresses and put them into the config.

Screenshots: [3][4][5] If you know your lamp's color temperature range you should set it in the config file aswell.

yeelight forum

If you don't know it, the script will use the widest range possible but you might get an error message. It will still work, though. Either run fluxee. This topic has been marked as Excellent Topic. You can append content to a topic, and it will notify everyone who are involve in this conversation.

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JeeLight - ultimate Yeelight experience

Upvote Total Reply Count: 2. How do you connect them from macOs, I do not find the options on the mac os app.

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David Justo's Other topics. Same Category Topics. OpenYeeLight unnop.