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Handbrake 21_9

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. DiRT 4 Store Page. Global Achievements. Showing 1 - 11 of 11 comments. That's also something I would like to know. Struggling to find confirmation myself, this is all thats holding me back from making the purchase. Will Marsh on the SimRacingPaddock mentioned that it works but not too well, with some stretching. Originally posted by BloodCat :.

Originally posted by PolarClaw :. We do have support. The menus will be in with black bars, but at soon as the car reaches the start line the black bars will fade and the display will be fullscreen I hope, f1 works great and you can reposition the UI where you want. Originally posted by Neil McCabe :. Last edited by Peter Mathen ; 7 Jun, am. Great, thanks! Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 6 Jun, am. Posts: Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts.

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Go Forum Deutsch. Recent Topics Register Login. Solution Chosen by RipGroove. Solved by Jan 27, I have an Ultrawide monitor for gaming and want to upload some Ultrawide footage to YouTube. Nvidia Shadowplay records my footage just fine at x and YouTube accepts footage also, the only issue I have is that the version of PowerDirector I'm using PD13 does NOT render I don't want to have to mess about or stretch my video or anything else that's weird and time consuming, I just want to import - edit - render Can PD15 do this?

If not, what editing software will? Jan 27, Simple answer, NO.

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Powerdirector 15 does, and You can use Set Aspect Ratio to stretch the video to fit Jan 28, Hi RipGroove - Pepsiman's tutorial was made using PDR10, where the production options are organised a little differently. When you're customising the profile, the first step is to rename the profile in PDR. Call it something like "x " Once you modify the Profile.

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In theory, you should only get a x if that's the profile you select. You will NOY find your custom x resolution listed in the dropdown! Cheers - Tony Visit PDtoots.

Cheers - Tony.

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Jan 28, Just to add without going to look at the custom profile like you suggested that seems to work better i. Not xbut as above I still have black bars too and bottom?

Jan 28, Quote Just to add without going to look at the custom profile like you suggested that seems to work better i. Jan 28, Quote Quote Just to add without going to look at the custom profile like you suggested that seems to work better i.

PD for some reason can handle Shadowplay's variable fps just fine. Using Handbrake just isn't an option as a 20 second clip took 6minss on a fast PC ik 4. Here's the clip done via Handbrake and vegas Pro, again it works Ok and comes out at x BUT it's just not doable due to the time it took, this scales perfectly to fit a screen when viewed in 'Fullscreen' on YouTube:.

Powered by JForum 2.Ever so often I see a poorly encoded video on the internet, which either has black bars, interlacing artifacts, too low bitrate, too large size, incorrect aspect ratio, … and in the worst cases, a mix of all these things. Here are some short tips to reduce the risk of making these mistakes. The tips give concrete instructions for the program HandBrakewhich is a freely available, popular, and good tool for encoding videos.

In short: ensure that a circle in the original video is still a circle in your encoded video. For anamorphic material non-square pixelsyou should only convert it to square pixels when downscaling it, otherwise you should preserve the pixels as they are.

The aspect ratio is the width of the displayed video image divided by its height. For instance, classic TV shows had a ratio ofmodern widescreen video typically is Make sure that no matter how you rescale your video e.

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There is one caveat here regarding standard-definition TV material. Suppose you have a recording on DVD in standard p widescreen format. Mind how this does not correspond to a ratio even though your TV displays it as such, it is actually a ratio. What gives? Well, your TV knows that the video is supposed to be displayed as and will therefore stretch it horizontally while rendering the image. This means the pixels are not square, like they are in all recent formats like p and p.

When converting such a DVD to a video file on a hard disk, you may be tempted to make the pixels square. My advice is not to do this unless you are downscaling the video. Make sure that the output has the same framerate as the original source material e. If the input is certain to have no interlacing, then disable everything related to deinterlacing.

If the input is a movie that was converted to NTSC by a hard telecine process, enable detelecine and force the framerate to Interlacing is the practice of embedding two video images in one frame, with each odd line of the frame belonging to the first image, and each even line to the second or vice versa.

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This stems from the era of cathode ray tube CRT televisions. This way, one could transport e. Of course, the vertical resolution of each field was halved, but in case of a static image, each frame retains the full resolution. This was a clever trick to exchange temporal and spatial resolution. Interlacing does not play well however with panel displays, which lack the memory effect of a typical CRT that provides a natural smoothing of interlaced material.

Moreover, your average computer monitor is totally unaware of whether you are playing something interlaced or not. Some media players can perform deinterlacing on-the-fly. If you are re-encoding an interlaced video anyway, it is better to apply high-quality deinterlacing to obtain a progressive video that can be readily played. Removing the interlacing artefacts also makes the video much easier to compress. There are two main approaches here: either always deinterlace unconditionally, or try to be smart and only deinterlace for frames or even parts of each frame that appear to be interlaced.

My experience with software that tries to be smart, is that it rarely manages to get beyond the trying part. If interlace detection fails, you'll end up with stuttering video, as well as remaining artefacts especially visible in animated material.While it may be technically possible to run HandBrake on hardware not meeting these requirements, it is neither recommended nor supported. The following describes the level of support available for the current HandBrake version as indicated by the status for each system version.

Support for older LTS versions may be provided via Flatpak. Hardware encoding support may be limited or unavailable on these systems. HandBrake is supported on recent Windows versions and requires Microsoft. NET Framework 4.

handbrake 21_9

Higher resolutions may also be used. HandBrake will fit within any display resolution, aspect ratio or wider, meeting or exceeding the minimum height for the associated scaling amount. If your display resolution meets or exceeds the minimum and HandBrake does not fit within its bounds, you will need to reduce your display scaling.

Since Apple does not publish support periods, common convention is to consider a macOS version end of life once security updates cease being offered, typically 2—3 years after initial release. Fedora 29 Unsupported HandBrake 1. Fedora 28 Unsupported HandBrake 1. Interim non-LTS versions are typically supported until their end of life. Mac HandBrake is supported on recent versions of macOS 1. Windows HandBrake is supported on recent Windows versions and requires Microsoft.

Windows Vista Unsupported HandBrake 1. VLC is recommended for viewing media files. The HandBrake Team and community members provide volunteer support. Issue reports are welcome and addressed based on team availability. Most issues will likely not be addressed. Please update to enjoy the latest features and bug fixes.

Video Encoding Tips

No issues will be addressed, regardless of severity. Updating as soon as possible is highly recommended.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. It took me forever to figure out how to actualy render an aspect ratio of 21x9. So here it is everyone. From the main menu, select 'Make Movie' 2. Choose 'Save to hard Drive' 3.

Click on 'Advanced Options' 4. Select 'Internet HD p' for the template listed on the right side of the window 6.

handbrake 21_9

Click the 'Customize Template Manualy Enter your Width and Height into the boxes below - eg. If you have a high end graphics card with lots of CUDA cores, you can select a diffent encode mode for faster rendering of the video. To do this, located where it says 'Encode Mode' towards the bottom of the window, and choose 'Render using CUDA if available' from the drop down list.

Leave this alone if you are unsure of or do not know how many cuda cores you have. Choose a name for the template at the top of the window, and hit that save button. Now you can quickly choose this setting for rending your ultrawide videos!!

The output is surprisingly small in size, even with a x render, and uploads perfectly to YouTube for veiwing on an Ultra Wide pannel. Happy Rendering everyone!! Hope this helps others that had as much of a struggle as I did. Showing 1 - 11 of 11 comments.

Tree View Profile View Posts. Ruisu-dsg View Profile View Posts. How long does it take to render? I made a video of 15 minutes 60fps x and it took 1 hour 15 minutes to process you think is a good time for the render in this resolution? Originally posted by Ruisu-dsg :. Originally posted by wakeme :. Last edited by wakeme ; 15 Jan, pm.

Redii View Profile View Posts. File is just under time x - 30fps Nvidia shadowplay 15mbs. The render is set to variable 12mm for what that's worth Kids are home Good luck all happy gaming and content creating!!!

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handbrake 21_9

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handbrake 21_9

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